Mr. and Mrs. Olson

My favorite weddings are the ones where you can just feel the love so deeply… and you can’t help but smile the whole time.

That is exactly how I felt all day at Kayla and Noah’s wedding.

All 300 of Kayla and Noah’s guests were there to celebrate them, and a celebration it was! The best part was that it was focused entirely on what matters – the couple’s marriage, with Christ at the center, and everyone was there for that reason.
There were also lots of thoughtful details, such as the amazing donut wall and the s’mores bar (see the photos! Such cute ideas!) and so many friends helped out – sister- in – law did her hair and a friend did the flowers. They did such an AMAZING JOB! Also, the speeches from Kayla’s brothers were insanely sweet, as well as the song they performed for them during the ceremony.

Can we talk about THE WEATHER?! It was the craziest day…
It was so stormy and rainy when I arrived to the venue, and the forecast did not show it clearing up all day. It is always a bit of a bummer / stressor (especially when the wedding is supposed to be outside) but there is nothing you can do about it so might as well make the best of it! I always try to bring my optimism, prepared with cute umbrellas and backup plans! Of course, my number one philosophy for my couples on their wedding day is NO stress allowed!!!
I was inside taking getting ready photos, getting some details, and capturing loved ones beautifully praying over the bride and groom.
Well… Prayers were answered for the weather, because literally out of no where, the skies opened up and the sun started shining through, and seriously within an hour it was perfectly nice and clear out, blue skies and all. It was honestly a miracle!!

I love this couple and loved this day so much! <3 <3 <3
Here are a few of my favorites!

Karissa Layne Photography
Philip S. Miller Park (Castle Rock, Colorado)

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