you are here for a reason.

Are you overwhelmed trying to figure out ALL. THE. THINGS? 
I understand, because I was too.
I went from lost in the sauce to running a successful photography business leading a life that I LOVE, and I am SO passionate about helping and empowering others to do the same! I believe that there is more than enough room for everyone at the table, because we are each unique in our talents and gifts, and what we bring to help others through our businesses. 

i am going to guess

Before I was a full-time wedding photographer, I was actually a teacher!
There may be nothing I love more than combining BOTH my passions!

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Believe it or not... taking that first step to GO FOR IT is actually the hardest part! It definitely was for me. I was terrified to quit teaching and go after my wildest dreams. But it was the best decision. And I believe so much is in store for you, too!!

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breckenridge, colorado 
June 21 - 25 , 2021 

First of all, investing in yourself and your business is super scary. I want you to know that is a natural thing to feel. In fact, experts have explained that fear and excitement actually feel the same to us! Being able to recognize that is super important. Recognize that this feeling of excitement is there for a reason! This means this is something you should probably do.

Not only is it scary to invest your heart, your time and energy, it is also SO scary to invest financially. Trust me, I used to struggle with this more than anyone probably! But what I have learned is that you literally cannot grow if you clutch so tightly to what you already have. It is important to have an abundance mindset As a business owner, there is so much to learn. The faster you learn that you don't know it all and there are resources out there to help you with those things, the faster you are going to see so much success.

Trust me, i know and i've been there...

Still unsure? seriously, no worries! reach out and let's just chat -  no pressure!

feeling scared to invest?

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investing in my business has brought me

i promise that you'll be so glad you did!

When I invest in my business, it not only makes me a better photographer, it has always brought so many new opportunities. I have never once regretted investing in my business. Even though you may be investing a little bit now, that is going to come back to you (+ SO much more) and so much faster! Even though it is scary, I just encourage you to do the things that scare you. In the end, you'll just regret not doing it sooner. 
The people who invest in their businesses are the ones who see the most growth.

Oh my gosh, where do I begin? A few weeks ago, I stepped out of my comfort zone and reached out to Karissa for a mentorship. I love photography but I knew that I wanted/ needed to grow and there is so much to learn. I was afraid that I wasn't good enough, but after sitting down with Karissa, I am OVER the moon excited about my future. She taught me so much and is one of the sweetest human beings I've ever met. And we photographed the most gorgeous couple!

sweet words

from my past mentees

Seriously, if I hadn't done a mentorship, I'd still be in the same place. It's been such an incredible few months. I learned so much! It's so exciting and I'm so so thankful!!! And now I have a new friend & cheerleader! It means the world!

sweet words

from my past mentees

Karissa was completely an open book full of knowledge! I was looking to learn more and also get a little push into the photography industry. So I chose to invest in myself, and it was 100000% worth it. I'm so excited to put into action what I've learned. Karissa is absolute treasure. You will love her!

sweet words

from my past mentees