Honestly, getting to capture people's love stories is one of my greatest passions!
Some other things I love: SUNSHINE (I love living in sunny So. California! And I grew up in Colorado where it is also usually sunny). I could live outside! Adventures like hiking, camping, off roading, skiing, mountain biking, skydiving, etc. make me happy. I am a bit of a daredevil, but hey sometimes this helps me take epic photos;) I love good coffee, annnd I am a pretty big foodie... I love laughter (also explains why I love to capture joy), Jesus, and my family so much!! 

what's up! i will do my best to give you a glimpse of who i am on this little webpage ;)

Here is the day Tim proposed to me, probably the happiest day of my life! I was super surprised (I wasn't even wearing pants lol...) and I pretty much blacked out when he got down on one knee! We had just gotten done scuba diving on Catalina Island! We were actually going on a huge road trip all around the US at the time. If you can't tell, we LOVE to travel and adventure. We really want to live our lives to the fullest!  

We love our little doggie named Locken (he is named after Interlaken, a city in Switzerland - with the most beautiful blue glacial lakes - that we explored a couple years back and fell in love with! Locken is a husky mix and he has big blue eyes so it seemed fitting. He is a sweet goofball, and like Tim, he is a friend to all - or so he thinks;) He is my favorite coworker and will probably help me edit your photos ;)

Tim is my high school sweetheart. When I asked him for a sentence telling about himself, he said "tall, dark, devilishly handsome, funny.....what? You asked. Ask and you shall receive." Lol...but contrary to what he said, he is actually the most humble person, he is a friend to all and literally is the person who would give the shirt off his back for anyone. He's a Marine and a pilot! (and I do have to say, he is pretty funny!

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We have so much fun - like I said, we love living life to the fullest! 
But here's the thing... What fills my heart the mot is the everyday life and just being grateful for each day we get to be together. Having someone love you fully exactly for who you are, and being able to (try to) love someone unconditionally is an amazing gift! That is what I try to capture. Sure, the cake and the decorations may look beautiful and I will definitely get photos of all the details, but what I want to do is tell the story of your love. The moments that will matter the most to you in 50 years. The way it feels, not just what it looks like. I want to capture the joy and the emotion, and the little things that you love about each other. Most of all, as your wedding photographer, I want to remind you what truly matters... Your marriage, not just your wedding day. 

So - How do I do that???

i love being a wedding photographer, because i care about marriage. 

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