So much more we could chat about and see what we have in common!! But first... I CANNOT WAIT to hear about YOUR story and become real life friends!!!

Karissa, your new friend / photographer :)

These are my precious babies and my husband - my high school sweetheart, my best friend, my #1 supporter. Getting engaged and married to him is what really inspired my photography career. I LOVED being able to relive this most special time in our lives through our photos and could feel our love for each other. 

 He will definitely hear me talk about how much I adore YOU when I get home, and when I'm editing your photos with an actual smile plastered on my face (For real - I don't even realize I do this).  I literally love my job as a photographer so so so so so much. :')

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In my free time, I am most likely playing outside with my family; at the beach, camping, or on the lake; drinking a good latte; hosting friends for a barbecue; or maybe just snuggling on the couch reading to my babies.

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Best known for:

- Making you feel comfortable
- Genuine, candid photos that capture the core of who you are
- Being kind 
- "sunshine personified" 
- Feeling like a part of your family
-Being truly excited for you

- some words most often mentioned in reviews from past clients :')