Cutest Seaside Beach Proposal

Brandon popped the question… Courtney said yes!!!

It was so fun chatting with Brandon a couple weeks before his trip to 30a – He was planning to go back to Seaside Beach, Florida, with his girlfriend and family to celebrate the holidays. Him and his girlfriend, Courtney, spent some special times there together, so he could not think of a more beautiful and fitting spot to propose!

We talked on the phone quite a bit (he hem – I was “Kevin from work” lol) to form a perfect plan!

On Christmas Eve, I drove over to Seaside, and unfortunately, it was pretty cloudy. But I still knew it would be such a gorgeous day! Proposals are literally the BEST!

BUT – it was a Christmas miracle – Just as I got there, the sky opened up, the clouds cleared, and pretty soon, it was perfectly sunny! (And it became warm! I was wearing a sweater and pants….)

You should have seen me up on the pavilion where Brandon was planning to propose… I was trying to line the boardwalk with rose petals, and lay the rose petals perfectly in a heart, without letting the wind take them, I was army crawling around so I would not be seen, and of course, I was sweating now that it was so nice out! What a sight I am sure!

UGH it ended up being absolutely and 10000000% perfect though! It was the sweetest moment, and Courtney SAID YES!!!! <3

After that, the family was unexpectadly waiting down the beach to celebrate!!!!!

So happy for you two, and thank you so much again forever for letting me capture this special moment for you. All my love!

YAY!!! Such a happy day!!!! Happy wedding planning! 🙂

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