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Faves for Photographers :)

  1. The tripod I use is below! (See my IGTV for taking self portraits here:

This is a must for building a very personal brand (photos of YOU throughout your feed!) This tripod is very affordable, easy to transport around, and perfect for my use!

2. THIS IS MY FAVORITE CAMERA HARNESS!!! Honestly for the quality, this is one of the best and most affordable harnesses I have found! I absolutely love it. It is comfortable, does not pull my hair, and is so easy on my back. I wear it ALL day long for wedding days and camera both my cameras at once. Highly recommend 1000000/1000000

3. Camera Strap – for a regular (one camera hold) camera strap, I had this for a while and it works great! Great for a beginner or for someone wanting one to carry one camera around for every day use.

4. This is a super affordable backpack to carry around gear for day to day use 🙂

5. This book completely changed the game for my business. MUST MUST MUST READ. (This book is constantly being recommended by business owners everywhere).


Ribbons! 🙂 I love dusty blue – it is very on brand for me, but get any of the colors you like best! I also love to have a variety for different weddings – to use whichever color works best for their wedding colors / style!

A bit of a bigger, wider one

These are amazing felt ring boxes for detail photos!

7. OUTFITS that I love for wedding days!

I love wearing jumpers for wedding days because they are professional and cute, but comfortable! (PS must have pockets)

Can’t go wrong with a classic black jumper – here are a couple that I love!
I love this one.. You could wear it with a short or long sleeve underneath depending on the weather! Super versatile..

8. BLUE LIGHT GLASSES! A must for anyone, but ESPECIALLY photographers / small business owners who spend most of their time on their computers/ phones. I absolutely love Blenders Eyewear for blue light glasses (super amazing quality at a more affordable price) – I also get sunglasses from here and am obsessed with them. I do have a discount code for you for anything from Blenders!!!! Use code ” KLP16 ” for 16% off anything at checkout. Here is a link to blue light glasses I love:

I also have these from Amazon and they seem to work great! (though I can tell they probs aren’t as great of quality! Maybe a good starting pair tho or for a second option!)

Protect those eyeballs!

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