The Marquess Wedding Venue in Murrieta

Erica and Izzy’s wedding day was so beautiful. They got married at the Marquess Wedding Venue in Murrieta, CA. The Marquess is a secluded garden with a quaint chapel, surrounded by greenery. The Marquess Wedding Venue in Murrieta was able to highlight the intimacy that Erica and Izzy share. I know that Erica and Izzy will forever cherish their special day.

The ceremony took place outside in front of a large central tree that created a wonderful backdrop for the ceremony. The various kinds of vegetation complement the tree nicely. They shared in prayer and a special moment before the ceremony at the cute chapel. The getting ready spaces – and all the flowers and gardens around – are gorgeous, too! You can’t go wrong with the Marquess Wedding Venue! There are so many great features here that provide natural beauty and “decoration” – win win! I feel very blessed to have been a part of Erica and Izzy’s wedding day! Give me more weddings at the Marquess, please! I think it is a bit of a hidden gem out in Murrieta.

Murrieta is such a beautiful area. Here are some other beautiful venues to check out:

This chapel is so sweet, and it is absolutely beautiful (and intimate) surrounded by the gardens.

It was so sweet seeing Izzy get emotional when he saw Erica walking out with her dad, and watching him tear up throughout the ceremony.

The Marquess Wedding Venue has a lot of unique places to take photos of the bride and groom, which are all so pretty! I loved when Izzy suggested we bring this couch outside to take some photos. Wow, such a great idea!

Not only are there beautiful gardens at the Marquess wedding venue, there is also this little pond and dock – and some open green space! A photographer’s heaven!

Erica and Izzy are really close with their families. It was so special to watch these two interact with all the family during the reception. And one of the best parts of the day – the mariachi band!

Bring out the mariachi band and start the party!

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